RachelI am Rachel Moayer, a licensed esthetician with twenty years of experience in helping people achieve beautiful skin. Starting at the age of fifteen I began to suffer from very reactive skin and the entire stigma that comes with it. I saw different doctors and dermatologists but was never happy with the results. Having seen friends and relatives with lasting scars and pock marks scared me, I did not want this to be me.

With understanding that I could have lasting scars and damage, I decided to research and study skincare and so my passion for skin was created! At first, I got results through trial and error. Then, people began noticing my skin’s improvement and wanted to know my secrets. I wanted to help others achieve the satisfaction of having beautiful skin and the self-esteem that comes with it. Using my knowledge of skincare to help people take care of their skin is how Rachel Moayer Skin was created. Working with dermatologists has given me the most up to date knowledge and experience to use advanced and clinical skincare products.

I understand first-hand what it feels like to not have a clear complexion, and that is why my goal is to help each patient reach their skin’s best potential. Anyone can have natural, healthy and gorgeous looking skin and it is my goal to bring that out in all my patients.