I started cosmetology school in the year of 2000 and got into skincare because I was looking to go beyond doing hair and expand my knowledge in the beauty world. Skincare always interested me especially as I was getting older because I wanted to find the best anti-aging and anti acne regimen. The opportunity to work at Rachel’s spontaneously came to me and I started fresh with learning her protocol. I’ve worked here since 2017 and absolutely love the balance of doing skin and hair.



I initially became inspired to become an esthetician by my own esthetician around 2000. It’s ironic because I only visited her to get waxing done, and I didn’t know anything about skin before I went to school for it at Newberry School of Beauty. I received my esthetician license around 2001 and began working in a salon in Beverly Hills before moving closer to home to work in a salon in the valley. Then, I took a break to be a mom, wife and help with our family business. Since then, I’ve worked in Pacific Palisades and Calabasas before I met Rachel Moayer through our Jan Marini sales represent. I was already using Jan Marini products in the treatments I performed, and upon meeting Rachel I learned her protocol and how she changes the lives of people who struggle with acne.



I received my certification as a licensed vocational nurse and immediately began working in the cosmetic surgery field in Beverly Hills. I maintained my position in the surgical room performing invasive treatments and specializing in skin tightening treatments for 6 years. Then, I worked for a medical spa doing consultations and working as a patient coordinator for 2 years. There I gained experience with photofacials, hydrafacials and resurfacing infusions with pixel lasers. I wanted to join the Rachel Moayer team because I wanted to work more with treatments that focus and derive results for clearing acne. I wanted to go beyond frilly cosmetics and help people who suffer from problematic skin! I enjoy working full time here at Rachel’s where she teaches me something new about the skin and its different diseases every day.



I first got hired as Rachel’s assistant/front desk receptionist in October of 2017 when she was about to go on her maternity leave. I had the pleasure to visit her at the hospital on the day she gave birth to her beautiful daughter Eva! Ever since working with Rachel, I’ve been inspired to be a hardworking woman and to chase my dreams. She has taught me a lot about my skin while transforming it and ultimately, she has changed my life. I help with the administrative and inventory work around the office which I find to be pleasant. I love to write poetry as I am an English major in school, and my work life accentuates my education when I come to work and get to know all of our unique clients. It’s fulfilling to witness everybody’s skin progression and how it optimizes their quality of life and overall well being just as it did with me.